A wonderful new discovery

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Sometimes you realise that some aspect of technology or some little trick that has been around for a long time has just completely passed you by. I discovered this today with Bookmarklets (what!). These for those of you like me who have never heard of them, are little snippits of javascript that you save as a bookmark or favorite and which modify the page you are looking at. What a truly delicious idea.

I came across them while researching writing a firefox extension, and the guy who wrote the tutorial kept mentioning bookmarklets (at first I must admit I thought he had made a typo) so I thought I’d check them out. There’s a list here of all sorts of strange and wonderful things (and a surprising number work in IE).

I thought the whole firefox thing with the web developer extension (if you do web development, and dont have this, its a good enough reason in itself to switch to firefox) allowing you to modify the page you were looking at was unique to firefox, but now I find that its been around for at least 6 years and completley passed me by. Microsoft and IE have more to answer for than I thought.

I’ll report back on any that I find truly useful.

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