Dreamweaver interface horror

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:12 am by Toby

Ok, so maybe the title is a bit extreme but it is a bit of a horror. I use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX as my web design tool of choice, it is almost perfect in every way. Except for one.

When you edit a style sheet attached to a document, it opens it up in another tab in the interface – so far so good – and give you a nice little dialog box for visually editing styles – even better – and when you click apply it changes the text in the current html document to match the changes you made to the style – brilliant . And it is except for one small thing – shown in the image with a big arrow pointing to it. The style sheet that is open has been modified and therefore needs to be saved before the rest of the world (outside dreamweaver) can use the changes. Now the problem here is that I close my nice editing dialog, save my open document and go to try out my changes in my browser (because I’m afraid I still cant entirely trust one GUI Source) and nothing happens. It all stays the same, now I start thinking damn its a css incompatibility, so I try it in a different browser, still no change. After a bit of tooing and frooing I finally realise my mistake, I havent saved the css file. This happens me time after time.

This feature must have been designed and implemented by someone who is used to saving all in the interface, which is a bit funny since it doesnt even have a keyboard shortcut (#I’m definitely a ctrl + s man myself). Two ways around this are to not open the css file in the interface when I never asked for ti to be opened, automatically save it when I close the dialogs, or give me a ‘save all ‘ keyboard shortcut that I could get used to. I wonder whether I’ll get it.