UI Hall of Shame.

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This guy writes down the things I think.



Dont let your domain run out!!!

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Here’s a cautionary tale.

We all know how cheap domains are now, you can pick one up for about €15 a year, which in anyones money isn’t a whole lot. But what happens when you couldnt be bothered any more? You let it go, just dont renew it,and if its obscure enough its not like anyone else is going to use it is it?


Someone I knew, used to have as their business domain www.classiccastcollection.com (dont follow the link you can do that later) and let it lapse. I’m not quite sure why he let it lapse, maybe he didn’t think it was worth it, or maybe he was strapped for cash, anyway he didnt renew it. Now in the bad old days, if you didnt renew your domain on time, someone else could immediately renew it and you could claim it was rightfully yours and they had stolen it, bu now when you dont renew your domain, you are given a seriously long (6 month) cooling off period, where you can (at increased cost) renew your domain, so when you dont and someone else does you dont have a leg to stand on.

All very well you say, so what happens a competitor regiters the domain? You wish. Now follow the link to my friends website who does copies of famous plaster work.


Yes a nice adult website, is now at the end of the link, and he still has this domain on his business cards!

I got involved in this, because one of the sites I look after was informed that they had a link to a porn site, I investigated, and to be honest was rather amused, but then again its not my domain.