Learning Objective-C

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Like many many people who have decided to jump (maybe a bit too late) onto the IPhone development bandwagon, I have had to do two things I never thought I would do!

  1. Buy a Mac (a lovely little mac-mini)
  2. Learn how to write code in Objective-C (the bastard unwanted love-child of C, C++ and Small-talk)

Its been great fun, and I’ve learnt a few things on the way.  While I have a long way to go, I’ve already run foul of Apples policy of silence – buying my mac-mini 3 weeks before they released a new beefier version with double the memory of the one I purchased.

I eventually purchased an IPhone about 5 months ago after starting off with a loathing of them when they were initially released and slowly gaining a gruding respect for them as more and more of my friends turned up in the pub with them, before it turning into a burning ‘I MUST HAVE ONE’.  This got so bad that I bought myself out of the last 9 months of my 3 contract to change to O2 so I could get an Iphone.

Saffron Pears

I havent been disappointed.  I like many others find that the IPhone is what I have been looking for for the last 3 or 4 years since phones began to get ‘smart’ but not quite smart enough.

[NSString init]

I then moved on as a developer to needing to write apps for it.  I swallowed my pride and after several false starts where I went into the apple store stared for a while and walked out, I finally one day came out with a Mac-mini under my arm.  After two solid days of downloading (upgrade os, critical updates, xcode, sdk) I finally sat down to see what I could do.  That is when I came face to face with Objective-C.  I spend most of my programming career writing Delphi code and never managed to learn either C or C++ infact the only { language I have any knowledge of is php but I think thats where the similarity ends.

I took a look at the rather interesting Stanford IPhone course which is available for download via ITunes University, but after a couple of failed attempts at connecting things in Interface Builder I abandoned ship went Old-fashioned and bought a book on Amazon:  Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK This book has been well worth it and I am slowing working my way through it.  Objective-C is slowly begining to make sense.  I am begining to understand it in terms of other languages which makes it a bit easier.  I will write here as I work my way along.

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