Setting up a fossil repository on a public shared server.

Posted in fossil-scm at 1:45 pm by Toby

This wasn’t difficult, but there was  few bits and pieces so I will put it down here and maybe it will help someone.  My current host is dreamhost.com so these are the steps for that host but I would image its probably pretty close for any other host.


Linux Host – Intel
Perl Scripts can be run on your shared hosting.


  • Download the linux binary for intel or amd from fossil-scm.org and unzip.
  • Upload fossil linux binary to your webspace – uploaded into a subdirectory bin
  • Create a file with a .pl extension to run your script  (I called mine fossil.pl)
  • Put the code below into your fossil.pl file
repository: /home/user/domain/fossilrepository.fossil
  • Obviously replacing user and domain with the path to the directory you put the fossil binary in.
  • Next you need to change the permissions on the following files to 755
    • fossil.pl
    • bin/fossil

Navigate to www.yourdomain.com/fossil.pl and you should see the familiar fossil web ui.

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